We work hard to make our activities less environmentally harmful.

All the wood waste we produce will be used to produce heat for the comfort of our employees, to dry wood and adhere to the technological processes where heat is needed.

All the air with wood sawdust that we vacuum from our machines is filtered in a modern central exhaustion system and has a smaller content of dust microparticles than the air we normally breathe in our locality.

We try to minimize the use of environmentally-friendly packaging such as PE bags, stretch foils and other plastic packaging to offer our customers the most environmentally friendly packaging options.

We responsibly categorize the residual waste and pass it on for recycling.

We also carefully consider the transport that we are trying to optimize in order to contribute to reducing CO2 production.

We gradually change the lighting in our production with more energy efficient LED sources.

Surface finishes are designed to use natural oils, water-borne paints and mordants as much as possible.

We modify the technological processes so that we can produce the smallest noise within the production and not be noisy to our surroundings.

Our aim is to be as energy-saving and eco-friendly as possible.