We constantly keep upgrading and improving our technology and equipment.
In 2006-2014 we built warehouse and production area of 1500 m2 where we have our own following technologies:

• 4x CNC lathe machines 3-axis and 4-axis
• CNC woodworking centre 3-axis
• Semi automatic Lathe Hempel
Laser cutting and engraving machine with size of table 100x160cm
• 3x Belt sanding machines
• 2x Revolving lathe machine with 7 tools
• 6x Drilling machines
• 3x Cutting machine
• 4 Sides planer
• Special drilling machine for legs
• Machine for mounting inserts and fittings
• Technologies for surface treatment, dipping, oiling, staining, spraiyng
• Packing machines
• Material handling equipments
• Central humidification system
• Many single use machines and equipments